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School Maintenance

Transform the regular dull and boring classrooms into vivacious and innovative learning environment!

Taking into consideration health and safety guidelines and incorporating principle classroom facilities at Haven Designs, we refurbish environmentally safe classrooms.

School refurbishments make the school more effective in improving and shaping young minds. It improves students’ access to fresh outdoor air and daylight which has a beneficial effect on their health and study conditions. In fact, a refurbishment is a great way to reduce operation costs and alter the old existing structure with modern amenities.

At Haven designs we replace the worn out materials and fixtures to make the school more environmentally friendly.

Haven Designs are skilled at blending latest technologies with traditional ones without spoiling the authentic features of a building. With a wide range of furniture available, Haven Designs offers different looks and approaches that can convert a classroom into a modern learning environment. Experts in dealing with educational needs and minimizing disruption. Haven Designs has the best professionals in the league who are skilled in school maintenance services and can repair damages caused due to flood, storm, fire, or the passage of time.

We replace and restore roofs and classrooms, renovate unclogged, drains, flooring, walls and repainting ensuring that you get best value of money. Call us now for total school maintenance solutions.

After all, a new and exciting classroom can improve the education of the children of today by giving them inspirational environments to learn in!

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