Facilities Management

Facilities management includes a number of elements such as housing maintenance, commercial cleaning, school maintenance and statutory inspections.  At Haven Designs we provide skilled and fully certified professionals at competitive costs for all of your facilities management needs.

Housing Maintenance

We offer grounds maintenance, gas installation and repairs, structural and damp repairs, emergency ‘out of hours’ repairs, electrical installation and repairs, general repair and maintenance, major planned maintenance projects, landscaping and external works, redecoration and restoration, kitchen and bathroom installation, facilities cleaning, and new build property development.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer standard and deep cleaning services for schools and commercial businesses.  The overall health benefits of regular cleaning have been well researched and documented.  Occupants are healthier and general morale is more positive in clean and sanitary environments.

Our standard and deep cleaning commercial services include dusting, sweeping, hoovering and rubbish removal and range through to polishing, cleaning special surfaces, ventilation and window cleaning as well as deeper level dusting, waxing and buffering.  Why not give our cleaning services a trial run and see the difference for yourself?

School Maintenance

School maintenance is one of our specialities; we’ve provided services to nursery schools, colleges and universities.  This includes jet washing, chewing gum removal, air conditioning service and repair, boiler service, repair and installation and servicing of disabled access ramps and lifts.  We clean vents, seal windows and service and repair lifts.  We also install glazing replacements, repair Helifix and install and repair shutter & auto door systems.

Statutory Inspections

Haven Designs offers statutory inspections which include testing and providing certificates for escalator lifts and lifting equipment.  We test and certify pressure systems including vessels and pipework systems in pressure streams.

Our statutory inspections extend to water distribution, drinking water, drainage and sprinkler systems as well as fire hose reels, escape routes, fire appliances, electrical systems and emergency lighting.  Aside from testing and certification we offer reports and written schemes as needed for system examinations.

For a non-obligation quote for any of facilities management services contact Haven Designs today.