Commercial Cleaning

Why Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning can reduce sickness absence and improve productivity and overall health and wellbeing.  In fact, 60% of absences are caused by the transmission of a variety of bacteria including Staph and Ecoli as well as the common cold and flu.  With more open office plans and less ventilation and space per square foot, employees are working in a closer physical proximity than ever.

Regular commercial cleaning will help you to keep a healthy, positive environment that others will feel comfortable in.  Whether you are a school, a small business, or a large corporation, we have professional, cost effective cleaning services that you can hire for one-off cleaning or regular shifts.  Our employees are skilled, experienced and always fully vetted.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer standard as well as deep cleaning services.  While the majority of our cleaning services are performed for schools, we also provide office cleaning for businesses.  We offer morning, evening, through the night, as well as daytime cleaning.

Standard Commercial Cleaning Services

Haven Designs offers standard cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, sanitising and rubbish removal.  We clean bathrooms, toilets, sinks and mirrors as well as cafeterias staff rooms and kitchens.  We’ll spot clean as well as dust furniture, work stations and computer equipment.

Deep Cleaning Services

Customers typically retain our deep cleaning services during holidays, but we offer year round cleaning depending upon your availability.

Deep cleaning involves more thorough services such as washing rugs and carpet cleaning (steam and bonnet, extraction and the dry method), sweeping, mopping, refinishing and polishing floors (as well as stripping and waxing with floor buffers) high level dusting, polishing fixtures, stainless steel, skirting boards and additional special surfaces.  We offering window cleaning, ventilation cleaning and the cleaning and sanitising of office equipment and work stations.

Your school or office is often the first impression prospective parents and clients will have of you.  A messy desk may be a sign of genius but an unclean, unsanitary environment is something best avoided in commercial facilities.  Could your office or school benefit from commercial cleaning?  We are just a phone call away.

For questions about our commercial cleaning services, please contact Haven Designs today.