Housing Maintenance

Housing maintenance is an essential part of property management.  Haven Designs delivers excellent value for your money through a team of seasoned professionals who are both reputable and fully accredited.

The Importance of Regular Housing Maintenance

Property portfolios rely on the care and attention of regular housing maintenance.  Haven Designs is a leader in transforming housing developments through refurbishment and repair services that are second to none.  We’ve helped to reduce operation costs by updating older structures with modern amenities.  We’ve repaired damages that have resulted from regular wear and tear, storms, flooding and fire.  Regular upkeep of your housing development will save you money and improve the value of your investment.

Our Housing Maintenance Services

Our housing maintenance services include design, refurbishment, decoration and repair.  We can modernise the plumbing, heating and electrical systems to provide cost efficient utilities that blend well with each building’s original features.  We have a team of plasterers, plumbers, electricians, architects, interior designers and skilled builders who are experienced and fully accredited.  We operate under strict health and safety standards, and provide exceptional customer service.

At Haven Designs, our services range from cyclical maintenance and small one-off jobs to major works. This includes anything from window sealing to disabled adaptions such as the addition of disable access ramps and lifts. We provide cleaning services, offer cyclical painting, make estate improvements and provide statutory inspections in accordance with legislation.  We also prepare empty homes for reletting through repairs, recarpeting, modernisation and large scale refurbishment.

Our Policies and Standards of Service

At Haven Designs we operate under a strict code of conduct that requires all team members to be professional and polite at all times.  Our team is trained in all of the latest health and safety regulations and operational requirements.  Whenever possible, we utilise environmentally friendly materials which are sustainable and healthy for the environment.

For questions about our home maintenance services, please contact Haven Designs.