Statutory Inspections

At Haven Designs we offer statutory inspections required for mechanical and electrical services including escalators, lifts, lifting equipment, pressure systems including vessels, pipework systems in pressure streams, drainage, water distribution, drinking water systems, sprinkler systems, fire hose reels, escape routes, fire appliances, electrical systems, and emergency lighting.

Testing, Certification and Reports by Haven Designs

Haven Designs tests and provides certification for each of the following statutory requirements. Escalators require test certificates and reports of thorough examination (BS 5656 Part 1 and HSE Guidance Note PM45), and lifts require installation and high voltage test certificates (BS 5655 Part 10 1986).  Lifting equipment also requires reports of thorough examination (HSE form F2530).

Haven Designs inspects and provides test certificates for pipework systems in pressure streams (HVCA TR/6 and TR/20), drainage (Building Regulation Approved Document H), fire hose reels (BS EN 694:2001), fire appliances (BS 5306) and emergency lighting (BS 5266 Part 1).  We inspect and provide IEE test certificates for electrical systems in accordance with IEE Regulation (BS 7671).  For pressure systems including vessels, we inspect and provide test certificates with a written scheme of system examination (HSC L122).

Water distribution and drinking water systems are regulated under BS 6700 for domestic use.  Haven Designs tests and provides chlorination certificates for drinking water systems.  For water distribution systems we test and provide flushing, cleaning and chemical dosing certificates.

Haven Designs tests escape routes, and provides pressurisation system test certificates in accordance with BS 5588 Part 4.  For pressure systems including vessels, we test and provide test certificates with a written scheme of system examination (HSC L122).

The Importance of Testing

At Haven Designs, testing is a crucial part of our commitment to health and safety.  We take each of our statutory inspections seriously and are pleased to be a testing provider.

For more information on any of our statutory inspections, please contact Haven Designs today.